Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ocho Wings

Hibiscus Caribbean Bar and Grill located in the Brookside area, Tulsa,OK. I think the picture speaks for itself.
Menu Price:
10 wings $9.99
20 wings  $18.99
30 wings $29.99

Those wings were outstanding, and definitely allowed you a taste of true Jamaican flavor, however I do not recommend going on Saturdays after 9 p.m. because, the usual  d.j., or live music  setup begins and they rearrange the tables and the kitchen closes around 10 if i remember right. Service out of 5 stars,I give it 1.5 on my first visit. mostly due to the fact that I was there well before 8:45 waited 15 min for server so I could place my order. Then she forgot to send the order back to the kitchen which ended up closing by the time she remembered. So needless to say my craving for jerk tilapia was not satisfied. The manager ended up giving me a 25 dollar gift card to compensate me for the horrible service I'd received.
I went back again a few Saturdays later, and after the built up anticipation of hoping I'd get a "close to NY jerk tilapia experience", I was terribly disappointed. The fish was soggy, and not a whole piece of fish, how I had assumed all traditional Jamaican tilapia was served. And as for my two sides, I chose cabbage and carrots(waaaaay undercooked) and platanos (cut too thick and also undercooked). So my experience here, other than the Ocho wings, was not a pleasant one.

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  1. Great Blog.. I love the honest way you tell it like it is.. I can not wait to read your "food for thought".